Our Story

Orissa by Tania (OBT) is a passion project born out of love for handloom.

Founded by Tania Khosla Taneja who moved to Odisha in 2014 and wanted to promote the beautiful textiles and crafts of Odisha.

Odisha is rich in textile art with techniques dating back centuries. OBT ethically sources their fabric directly from the weavers - many of whom are in remote tribal areas unconnected to civilization as is familiar to us.

OBT primarily uses Ikat and Kotpad fabric at this time but is also working with more clusters engaging in crafts such as sabai grass and dhokra metal art in order to have the maximum socio-economic impact and create beautiful objects together.

We have identified more products that can proudly be made in Odisha and we want to continue our work to garner employment and for our craftspeople with fair trade being the cornerstone. 


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